Whale Deposits Nearly $210M Worth of USDT and Ether (ETH) to Huobi

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Key Takeaways:

  • $92.2 million in Ethereum-based tokens have left Huobi.
  • $101 million worth of tokens across all blockchains have moved.

Huobi Outflow Transactions


Recently, Huobi has experienced a significant outflow of transactions, particularly in Ethereum-based tokens. Data from Nansen.ai reveals that in the last week alone, these outflows amount to $92.2 million. Moreover, a total of $101 million worth of transactions across all blockchains have moved during the same time period.

Ethereum-based Tokens

The outflows from Huobi have primarily impacted Ethereum-based tokens. These tokens, built on the Ethereum blockchain, have experienced a large amount of movement away from the exchange. Specifically, in the last week, $92.2 million worth of Ethereum-based tokens have flowed off of Huobi. This significant movement suggests a shift in investor sentiment or may signify the occurrence of a major event that has triggered users to withdraw their tokens.

Total Outflows Across Blockchains

In addition to the outflows specifically related to Ethereum-based tokens, there has been a broader movement of funds across all blockchains. During the same time period, a total of $101 million has been transferred away from Huobi. This indicates that the outflows are not limited to a single blockchain, but rather reflect a generalized movement of assets among various networks and cryptocurrencies.


The significant outflows from Huobi have several potential implications. Firstly, it suggests a potential loss of trust in the exchange or a shift in investor sentiment, leading users to seek alternative platforms for trading and holding their assets. Secondly, such large movements of funds may signify the occurrence of a major event that has prompted users to withdraw their tokens as a precautionary measure. Furthermore, this outflow trend may impact the liquidity and stability of Huobi’s trading markets, potentially causing price volatility for the affected tokens and cryptocurrencies.


Huobi’s outflow transactions, particularly in Ethereum-based tokens, have amounted to $92.2 million in the last week alone. This reflects a broader movement of $101 million across all blockchains during the same time period. The implications of these outflows include a potential loss of trust, a shift in investor sentiment, and the occurrence of a major event triggering users to withdraw their tokens. It remains to be seen how these outflows will impact Huobi’s trading markets and the stability of the affected tokens and cryptocurrencies.

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