Wealth Managers Embrace Tax-Optimized Separately Managed Accounts for Direct Ownership and Professional Management

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Key Takeaways:

– Tax optimization: SMAs allow for more efficient tax planning and management of cryptocurrency investments, including Bitcoin (BTC).
– Direct ownership: Investors in SMAs have direct ownership of their Bitcoin holdings, allowing for greater control and transparency.
– Professional management: Wealth managers provide expert guidance and actively manage the Bitcoin investments within the SMA, ensuring a professional approach to portfolio management.
– Customization: Crypto SMAs offer the flexibility to tailor investments according to individual investor preferences and risk appetite, allowing for a personalized approach to Bitcoin investment strategies.

Summary: Growth of Separately Managed Accounts

Separately managed accounts (SMAs) have experienced significant growth over the past decade, with assets under management increasing from $550 billion in 2011 to $1.7 trillion in 2021. Wealth managers have been drawn to SMAs due to various advantages such as tax optimization, direct ownership, professional management, and customization.

Benefits of SMAs

Tax Optimization

SMAs offer tax optimization benefits, allowing wealth managers to minimize tax liabilities for their clients. This is achieved through strategies like tax loss harvesting, where investment losses are used to offset taxable gains, resulting in reduced tax obligations.

Direct Ownership

With SMAs, investors directly own the underlying securities in their portfolios. This provides greater transparency and control compared to other investment vehicles like mutual funds, where investors only own shares in the fund. Direct ownership allows for more tailored investment strategies and the ability to align the portfolio with specific investment goals.

Professional Management

SMAs are managed by professional investment managers who have expertise and experience in selecting and managing investment portfolios. These managers use their knowledge to make informed decisions and actively manage the portfolio to optimize returns and manage risk.


One of the key advantages of SMAs is the ability to customize portfolios to meet individual investor preferences and goals. Wealth managers can personalize the investment strategy, asset allocation, and security selection based on factors such as risk tolerance, tax considerations, and specific investment objectives. This level of customization allows investors to have more control over their investments.

Adoption of Crypto SMAs

Due to the same advantages that make SMAs attractive in traditional asset classes, the wealth management market is increasingly adopting crypto SMAs for investing in cryptocurrencies. These vehicles provide tax optimization benefits, direct ownership of cryptocurrencies, professional management by experts in the crypto space, and customization options tailored to the unique characteristics of this emerging asset class. As a result, crypto SMAs are becoming the preferred choice for wealth managers looking to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies for their clients.

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