Unibot (UNIBOT), Wagiebot (WAGIEBOT), and Bolt (BOLT) Tokens Surge as Telegram Bots Become Latest Money Sink

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Key Takeaways:

  • Main problem with trading on-chain is terrible UX
  • Unibot allows you to easily market buy/sell with 1 telegram command
  • Trading directly through telegram is great for fast swaps, scalps, etc

Main Problem with Trading on-Chain


Popular Crypto Twitter traders have highlighted the main issue with trading on-chain, which is the terrible user experience (UX) it offers. However, a solution called Unibot has emerged, providing an easy way to perform market buy and sell orders with just one command through Telegram.

The Terrible User Experience (UX)

Trading on-chain has been plagued by a cumbersome and complicated UX, which poses a significant challenge for traders. The process of executing trades directly on the blockchain often involves multiple steps such as signing transactions, interacting with smart contracts, and navigating complex interfaces. This not only discourages newcomers but also hinders experienced traders who seek efficiency and speed.

Introducing Unibot

Unibot offers a seamless solution for traders by leveraging the Telegram platform to enable easy and convenient trading. With a simple command, users can execute market buy or sell orders without the need to navigate through traditional trading platforms or interact directly with the blockchain.

The Benefits of Trading through Telegram

Trading through Telegram provides various advantages, as highlighted by traders in the Crypto Twitter community. The fast execution and simplicity make it an ideal platform for activities like fast swaps and scalping. Additionally, Telegram’s popularity as a communication channel among crypto enthusiasts makes it a convenient choice for integrating trading functionality.


The main problem with trading on-chain has been the poor user experience it offers. However, the emergence of Unibot, which enables easy market buy and sell orders through Telegram, has addressed this issue. Trading through Telegram not only provides a simple and fast trading experience but also benefits from the platform’s popularity among crypto traders.

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