Tiger Brokers Opens Door for Crypto Trading in Hong Kong + More Crypto News

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Key Takeaways:

– Tiger Brokers (HK) Global Limited upgrades its Type 1 license to include virtual asset dealing service, allowing cryptocurrency trading in Hong Kong
– Eligible clients must have over HKD 8 million (USD 1.1 million) in investable assets or corporations with assets exceeding HKD 40 million (USD 5.2 million) to trade BTC and other asset classes on the Tiger Trade platform
– Arbitrum One integrates Chainlink Functions on mainnet, enabling developers to connect smart contracts to any API for trust-minimized computations
– Colosseum, a new organization founded by former Solana Foundation and Slow Ventures executives, launches platform for Solana builders to accelerate and invest in projects powered by the Solana blockchain
– Colosseum to host 2-3 hackathons per year, providing $250,000 in early capital for projects accepted into its Accelerator program
– Solana Foundation’s hackathons attracted over 60,000 participants and 4,000 launched products, with winners raising $600 million in venture funding.

1. Tiger Brokers Opens Door for Crypto Trading in Hong Kong
Tiger Brokers (HK) Global Limited has officially upgraded its Type 1 license to include a virtual asset dealing service, making it one of the first mainstream online brokerage firms in Hong Kong to receive approval for such a license upgrade. The company aims to offer professional investors seamless trading of both traditional securities and cryptocurrencies on a unified platform. Eligible clients can incorporate crypto trading into their portfolios alongside other asset classes on the Tiger Trade platform, with plans to open virtual asset trading to retail investors in the future.

2. Arbitrum One Integrates Chainlink Functions on Mainnet
Chainlink and Arbitrum have announced the mainnet beta release of Chainlink Functions, a serverless, self-serve developer platform that allows developers to easily connect their smart contracts to any API and trust-minimized computations. Chainlink Functions acts as a trust-minimized, blockchain-connected version of existing serverless solutions, and Arbitrum developers can now leverage Chainlink Functions within their applications.

3. Colosseum Launches New Platform for Solana Builders
Matty Taylor, Clay Robbins, and Nate Levine have announced the launch of Colosseum, a new organization founded to discover, accelerate, and invest in builders looking to develop industry-defining innovations and startups powered by the Solana blockchain. Developers can compete in online hackathons, work on their crypto startups, and access additional tools and resources through the platform. Colosseum will host 2-3 hackathons per year, starting with the inaugural event on March 4, 2024.

In summary, Tiger Brokers has opened the door for crypto trading in Hong Kong, Arbitrum has integrated Chainlink Functions on the mainnet, and Colosseum has launched a new platform for Solana builders. This represents significant developments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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