Talos Debuts Crypto Options Trading with Deribit Partnership

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– Talos partners with crypto derivatives exchange Deribit to offer options trading on its flagship platform
– Deribit is the world’s largest digital asset options market with robust infrastructure and deep liquidity
– The partnership aims to lower barriers for institutional traders seeking exposure to digital assets
– Talos clients can access Deribit’s options liquidity through a new interface designed for institutional options traders
– The launch of options trading expands Talos’ capabilities, providing a single interface for managing spot, futures, perpetuals, and options
– Advanced execution tools include limit and pegged orders as well as an Iceberg algo for precision and efficiency in trading
– Deribit’s options chain offers strategic possibilities for managing risk, enhancing portfolio diversification, and capitalizing on the potential of crypto
– Talos and Deribit plan to evolve the product based on feedback from early adopter clients

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