Steven Nerayoff Lawsuits Will Reveal Facts Supporting Claims Against Key Ethereum Figures, Says Attorney

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Key Takeaways:

– Steven Nerayoff’s lawyer, Michael Scotto, plans to file lawsuits against the US Government and private actors related to Ethereum’s early days
– The lawsuits will be filed in New York State and Federal Courts and will include whistleblower filings implicating major players in Ethereum’s early days
– Nerayoff, an early Ethereum insider, spent years defending against government accusations of extortion before the charges were dismissed
– Nerayoff’s lawyer, Michael Scotto, stated that Nerayoff harbors no ill will toward Ethereum itself but has objections over specific actions by specific leaders
– The forthcoming lawsuits will likely include charges of malicious prosecution and breach of contract over unpaid deals, and the whistleblower filings will relate specifically to ETHGate
– A recording published by Nerayoff provided key guidance to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in 2015 and hinted at possible fraud in the upcoming lawsuits
– Nerayoff’s attorney, Michael Scotto, mentioned a lack of denial from Ethereum leaders regarding the allegations and expressed frustration over the lack of media coverage of Nerayoff’s exoneration
– The upcoming lawsuit filings may offer clarity on the allegations surrounding Ethereum’s early days and provide evidence to support claims about problems during its early stages.

Steven Nerayoff’s lawyer detailed plans to legally confront certain Ethereum figures regarding its troubled early days. Nerayoff’s attorney, Michael Scotto, said they have evidence to back up forthcoming lawsuits against the US Government and additional private actors and whistleblower filings. The lawsuits will be filed in New York State and Federal Courts and may include charges of malicious prosecution and breach of contract. Nerayoff plans to release whistleblower filings and file the malicious prosecution lawsuit, and his attorney maintains they have ample evidence to back claims of hundreds of millions in damages from broken deals. The validity of these allegations is still unproven, but if true, they may present a crisis moment for Ethereum as doubts multiply regarding its origins and Buterin’s leadership.

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