Steve Cohen’s Point72 Ventures Leads $15M Fundraising in Swiss Fintech GenTwo

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Key Takeaways:

  • Steve Cohen’s Point72 Ventures leads $15M fundraising in Swiss fintech GenTwo.
  • GenTwo specializes in offering structured products including those based on cryptocurrencies.
  • Point72 Ventures, founded by billionaire investor Steve Cohen, focuses on funding disruptive fintech startups.
  • The fundraising includes investments in GenTwo’s digital investment platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • GenTwo’s platform allows investors to create and trade asset-based securities, including those linked to BTC.
  • This funding will help GenTwo expand its operations and further develop its platform for Bitcoin-related investments.
  • Point72 Venture’s investment in GenTwo reflects the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, among institutional investors.
  • The move also signifies Steve Cohen’s belief in the potential of Bitcoin and the future of digital assets.

Steve Cohen’s Point72 Ventures Leads $15M Fundraising in Swiss Fintech GenTwo


Steve Cohen’s venture capital firm, Point72 Ventures, has led a successful $15 million fundraising round for Swiss fintech company GenTwo. This funding will be used by GenTwo to expand its operations and accelerate the development of its innovative financial products.

Overview of GenTwo

GenTwo is a Swiss fintech company that specializes in creating and managing securitization platforms. It offers a unique solution that allows banks and other financial institutions to issue and manage securitized products in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. GenTwo’s platform uses blockchain technology to streamline the securitization process and reduce the reliance on traditional intermediaries.

Significance of the Funding Round

The $15 million fundraising round led by Point72 Ventures is a significant milestone for GenTwo. This investment will provide the company with the necessary capital to expand its operations and enhance its product offerings. The participation of a leading global venture capital firm like Point72 Ventures also validates the potential of GenTwo’s business model and technology.

Plans for Future Growth

With the new funds, GenTwo plans to accelerate its growth and expand its presence in key markets. The company aims to strengthen its position as a leader in securitization platforms and attract new clients from the banking and financial services industry. GenTwo also plans to invest in research and development to further enhance its technology and product offerings.

Implications for the Fintech Industry

The investment from Point72 Ventures in GenTwo highlights the increasing importance of fintech in the financial industry. GenTwo’s unique securitization platform, leveraging blockchain technology, presents an innovative solution to traditional inefficiencies in the securitization process. This investment demonstrates the growing interest from investors and financial institutions in exploring and adopting advanced technologies to improve their operations.


The $15 million fundraising round led by Point72 Ventures in GenTwo is a significant boost for the Swiss fintech company. With this investment, GenTwo can accelerate its growth and continue developing its innovative securitization platform. This funding also reinforces the importance of fintech in the financial industry and highlights the potential of GenTwo’s technology to revolutionize the securitization process.

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