Rises to $40,125 Amid Tesla’s $184M Holding and GBTC Stability

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Bitcoin Investment and Mining Update

Tesla has maintained its $184 million bitcoin holdings intact as of Q4 2023, following a period of inactivity in their crypto journey. This suggests continued interest in acquiring bitcoin by big businesses. JPMorgan’s analysis indicates that the selling pressure on bitcoin may be reduced after GBTC investors took profits, potentially easing the recent market volatility. However, analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald predict that 11 major bitcoin miners may face profitability issues after the impending bitcoin halving.


Tesla retained its $184 million bitcoin holdings, indicating ongoing interest in acquiring bitcoin by big businesses. JPMorgan’s analysis suggests reduced selling pressure on BTC, while Cantor Fitzgerald predicts profitability issues for 11 major bitcoin miners post-halving.

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How might Tesla’s continued bitcoin investment impact the cryptocurrency market and the legitimacy of virtual currency?

What are the potential implications of reduced selling pressure on bitcoin following GBTC investors taking profits?

What could be the broader implications of significant bitcoin miners facing profitability issues after the upcoming bitcoin halving?

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