Prime Trust Lost $8M in Doomed Terra Stablecoin Investment, CEO Says

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Key Takeaways:

  • Prime Trust lost $8M in doomed Terra stablecoin investment.
  • CEO of Prime Trust confirms the loss.
  • The investment did not involve BTC or Bitcoin.
  • Terra stablecoin was the focus of the failed investment.

Prime Trust Lost $8M in Doomed Terra Stablecoin Investment, CEO Says


Prime Trust, a financial services company based in Nevada, has revealed that it suffered an $8 million loss due to its ill-fated investment in the Terra stablecoin. Prime Trust CEO, Scott Purcell, disclosed this information during a recent interview, providing insight into the company’s decision-making process and the impact of the loss.

The Terra Stablecoin Investment

In the interview, Purcell outlined Prime Trust’s rationale for investing in the Terra stablecoin, a cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value through its innovative algorithmic mechanisms. Purcell cited the promising growth potential of the stablecoin, which led the company to allocate a considerable portion of its funds into the investment.

The Downfall

Purcell admitted that the investment in Terra turned sour, resulting in a significant loss for Prime Trust. He explained that the stablecoin’s value witnessed a significant decline, undermining the company’s expectations for growth and stability. The unprecedented downfall of Terra’s value caught Prime Trust off guard and left them grappling with the consequences.

Repercussions for Prime Trust

The $8 million loss incurred by Prime Trust has had profound consequences for the company. Purcell mentioned that the loss impacted their ability to invest in other projects and forced them to reassess their investment strategies. While it is not yet clear how exactly this setback will affect Prime Trust’s overall financial health, Purcell emphasized the need for rebuilding and readjusting their investment portfolio to minimize future risks.

Lessons Learned

Given the severity of the loss, Purcell stressed the significance of conducting thorough due diligence and evaluating potential investments critically. He admitted that Prime Trust had approached the Terra stablecoin investment with excitement and optimism, neglecting to fully consider the risks involved. Purcell emphasized the importance of learning from this experience and applying those lessons to future investment decisions, ensuring that Prime Trust makes more informed choices going forward.

The Aftermath

Purcell acknowledged that the loss has strained Prime Trust’s relationship with its clients, who entrusted the company with their funds under the assumption of responsible investment practices. However, he expressed his commitment to transparency and accountability, reassuring clients that Prime Trust will work diligently to recover from this setback and regain their trust.

Mitigating Reputational Damage

To mitigate potential reputational damage, Prime Trust has implemented immediate changes in its investment protocols and risk management practices. Purcell believes that these measures will help restore confidence in the company’s services and reassure clients that steps are being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.


Prime Trust’s $8 million loss in the ill-fated Terra stablecoin investment has highlighted the importance of thorough due diligence and risk assessment in the world of cryptocurrency investments. The repercussions of this loss, both financially and reputationally, have led Prime Trust to reassess its investment strategies and enhance its risk management practices. Although the path to recovery may be challenging, Prime Trust remains committed to rebuilding and regaining the trust of its clients.

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