NFT Game ‘Champions Ascension’ Teams Up with Amazon Prime for Exclusive Rewards

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Key Takeaways:

– Champions Ascension partners with Amazon Prime for exclusive in-game rewards
– Offers 100 in-game gold and loot box containing monster parts for Maestro Towers mode
– Items are not tokenized NFTs and cannot be traded
– Maestro Towers is a new tower defense feature
– Amazon Prime Gaming offers biweekly exclusive in-game items for 12 weeks
– Champions Ascension in early access alpha playtest phase
– Plans to launch on Steam without NFT functionality
– CoinGecko report shows high failure rate of Web3 games
– Only 690 out of 2,817 games maintained active player base
– Web3 gaming projects have raised over $2 billion in funding

1. Champions Ascension and Amazon Prime Partnership:
– Champions Ascension, a combat-oriented role-playing game, has partnered with Amazon Prime to offer exclusive in-game rewards for subscribers.
– Amazon Prime Gaming is offering members 100 in-game gold and a loot box containing monster parts for the upcoming Maestro Towers mode.
– These items are not tokenized NFTs but are purely digital in-game items that cannot be traded.

2. Maestro Towers Mode:
– The upcoming Maestro Towers mode is a tower defense meets Mortal Kombat feature coming in early 2024.
– Players can customize levels with AI, select Champions, and monsters to defend the level, and attack other towers to receive rewards.

3. Champions Ascension and Web3 Gaming:
– Similar to other Web3 games, Champions Ascension is providing exclusive in-game items through Amazon Prime Gaming.
– The game is in an early access alpha playtest phase and plans to launch on the Steam platform without integrating NFT functionality due to Steam’s restrictions on blockchain features.
– The partnership with Amazon Prime expands the game’s reach and offers exclusive rewards to a broader audience.

4. Challenges Faced by Web3 Games:
– A report by CoinGecko shows that three out of every four Web3 games launched in the past five years have failed, indicating a high failure rate for the GameFi industry.
– The report analyzed the launch and success rates of 2,817 games between 2018 and 2023, with only 690 games maintaining an active player base.
– Despite initial acclaim and investments, the high failure rate of Web3 games raises doubts about the sustainability of the industry.

In summary, Champions Ascension has partnered with Amazon Prime to provide exclusive in-game rewards, including non-fungible tokens for the upcoming Maestro Towers mode. However, the high failure rate of Web3 games presents a challenge for the industry’s sustainability.

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