Joe Rogan Has HODL’d Over 5 Bitcoin For Almost A Decade

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Famous podcaster Joe Rogan has held onto his Bitcoin stash without selling any for nearly a decade. He has received 468 transactions since 2014, accumulating a total of 5.24 BTC worth $226,295 at today’s prices. Despite signing a multiyear deal with Spotify for $250 million, Rogan hasn’t spent any of his Bitcoin.

Article Summary

Joe Rogan, a famous podcaster, has been holding onto his Bitcoin stash for nearly a decade without selling any. He has accumulated 5.24 BTC worth $226,295 at today’s prices, despite signing a multiyear deal with Spotify for $250 million. Rogan has expressed optimism about cryptocurrencies and has hosted Bitcoin-focused podcast episodes, but he is not a fan of NFTs.


Lost Key?

Is it likely that Joe Rogan has lost the private key to access his Bitcoin wallet, given that he hasn’t spent any of his BTC for a decade?

Future of Cryptocurrencies

What impact would it have if Joe Rogan delves deeper into the subject of cryptocurrencies, given his large platform and audience?

Bitcoin and Government

What potential implications could arise as a result of Joe Rogan’s comments on the U.S. government’s likely fear of Bitcoin?

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