FTX Debtors Challenge IRS Over Whopping $24 Billion Tax Claim

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Key Takeaways:

– Debtors of FTX concerned about IRS claim of $24 billion in taxes
– Debtors argue that their earnings were not near that amount and instead incurred substantial losses
– IRS previously alleged claims of $43 billion but revised it to $24 billion
– FTX debtors contest IRS claims and argue that the burden falls on them to disprove the claims
– Resolution of IRS’s claims crucial for progress of bankruptcy proceedings
– FTX received approval to sell stakes in digital trusts managed by Grayscale Investments
– FTX administrators have recovered around $7 billion in assets, including $3.4 billion in crypto


– FTX debtors are concerned about the IRS’s claim of $24 billion in taxes, which they argue could impede the return of customer funds.
– The debtors contest that their earnings were nowhere near the amount claimed by the IRS, and instead, they incurred substantial losses.
– The IRS initially alleged claims of $43 billion but revised it to $24 billion, and the debtors argue that the IRS failed to provide a basis for its claims.
– The resolution of the IRS’s claims is crucial for the progress of the bankruptcy proceedings, and a delay in this could lead to a delay in the bankruptcy plan.
– FTX, which declared bankruptcy in November of the previous year, has been dealing with additional challenges as its former CEO was found guilty of fraud.
– FTX has successfully recovered around $7 billion in assets since filing for bankruptcy last year.


1. IRS Claim of $24 Billion in Taxes
2. Resolution of IRS’s Claims Crucial for Bankruptcy Proceedings
3. Challenges Faced by FTX
4. Successful Recovery of Assets
5. Conclusion and Implications

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