FTX, BlockFi Customer Details Compromised Due to Kroll Data Hack

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Key Takeaways:

– Kroll, a bankruptcy service provider, does not respond to CoinDesk’s comment request.
– Kroll offers its services to various companies, not limited to the crypto sector.
– The website of Kroll promotes a cybersecurity consultancy service.
– The consultancy involves elite cyber risk leaders specialized in delivering global end-to-end cybersecurity services.
– No mention of BTC or Bitcoin in the given information.

Kroll: Bankruptcy Service Provider and Cybersecurity Consultancy


Kroll is a bankruptcy service provider that offers its services to various companies, extending beyond the cryptocurrency sector. Additionally, the company also offers a cybersecurity consultancy service.

Bankruptcy Service Provider

Kroll specializes in providing bankruptcy services to multiple companies, not limited to the crypto industry. The company assists these businesses in navigating through the complex process of bankruptcy and offers expertise in managing financial distress.

Cybersecurity Consultancy

In addition to its bankruptcy services, Kroll also offers a cybersecurity consultancy service. The company has a team of elite cyber risk leaders who possess the expertise to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions globally. This service aims to address the growing importance of cyber risk management and assist organizations in safeguarding their systems and data.

End-to-End Cybersecurity Services

Kroll’s cybersecurity consultancy service is designed to provide end-to-end solutions to its clients. The company’s unique positioning allows it to cater to organizations worldwide and address their specific cybersecurity needs. By leveraging the expertise of their cyber risk leaders, Kroll aims to deliver top-notch cybersecurity services across the globe.

Diverse Expertise in Bankruptcy and Cybersecurity

Kroll’s range of services demonstrates the company’s diverse expertise in both bankruptcy and cybersecurity. With its proficiency in assisting companies in financial distress and its focus on protecting organizations from cyber threats, Kroll offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to its clients.

Overall, Kroll is a trusted bankruptcy service provider that extends its offerings to the broader business sector. With a dedicated cybersecurity consultancy service, the company aims to assist organizations in mitigating cyber risks and protecting their valuable assets.

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