Crypto Startup Ramp Network Starts Brazilian Unit as First Step in Latin America Expansion

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Key Takeaways:

– Łukasz Anwajler, Chief Technology Officer at Ramp, mentioned the company’s dedication to establishing a strong presence in Latin America.
– The reason behind this dedication is the Latin American market being considered highly interesting for Ramp.
– The information was cited from a survey conducted by Chainalysis, a blockchain data analytics platform.
– The survey findings supported the decision to focus on Latin America.
– BTC (Bitcoin) plays a significant role in Ramp’s plans for expansion in the region.
– The survey’s results likely revealed favorable conditions for BTC adoption in Latin America.


In a recent interview with Łukasz Anwajler, the Chief Technology Officer at Ramp, it was revealed that the company is fully committed to expanding its operations in Latin America. Anwajler mentioned that the decision to focus on this region stems from the fact that it is considered to be a highly interesting market for Ramp. The statement was made in reference to a survey published by Chainalysis, a blockchain data analytics platform.

Survey Highlights

The survey conducted by Chainalysis shed light on the potential of the Latin American market. It highlighted the increasing adoption and usage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the region. According to the survey, Latin America has witnessed a significant increase in cryptocurrency usage in recent years.

Ramp’s Strategy

Ramp’s decision to target Latin America is motivated by the findings of the Chainalysis survey. The company recognizes the potential of the market and aims to establish a strong presence in the region. By doing so, Ramp hopes to tap into the growing demand for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions in Latin America.

Benefits of Expansion

Ramp’s expansion into Latin America comes with several advantages. The company expects to benefit from the region’s thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem and attract a larger user base for its services. Additionally, by establishing a presence in Latin America, Ramp can gain a competitive edge over its rivals and solidify its position as a leading player in the blockchain industry.

Future Outlook

As the demand for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continues to rise in Latin America, Ramp is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The company’s commitment to the region demonstrates its confidence in the market’s potential and its determination to establish a strong foothold in Latin America.

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