Crypto Market Selling Pressure Should be Over Soon, JPMorgan Says

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Key Takeaways:

  • The correction in crypto markets in August, which reversed the post SEC versus Ripple court decision rally, can be partly credited to:
  • Broader correction in risk assets such as equities and tech
  • Frothy positioning in tech
  • Higher U.S. real yields
  • Growth concerns about China
  • The correction impacted BTC and Bitcoin prices

The Correction in Crypto Markets in August


The correction in crypto markets in August has been significant and has reversed the post Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) versus Ripple court decision rally. This correction can be partly credited to various factors that have impacted not only the crypto markets but also other risk assets such as equities. In particular, the correction in tech stocks seems to have induced the broader correction in risk assets. This article aims to explore the key factors that contributed to the correction in crypto markets during August.

Tech Stocks and Frothy Positioning

One of the main catalysts for the correction in crypto markets has been the correction in tech stocks. Market participants had been heavily invested in the tech sector, which led to frothy positioning. This means that the valuations of these stocks had become inflated and disconnected from their underlying fundamentals. As a result, when concerns about the sustainability of tech company valuations started to arise, many investors decided to reduce their exposure and take profits. This selling pressure in tech stocks spilled over into the crypto markets, triggering a correction.

Higher U.S. Real Yields

Another factor that contributed to the correction in crypto markets was the rise in U.S. real yields. Real yields refer to the returns on bonds after adjusting for inflation. When real yields rise, it becomes more attractive for investors to hold traditional assets such as bonds instead of riskier assets like cryptocurrencies. The increase in real yields led to a rotation of investment away from crypto and towards safer assets, resulting in a decline in cryptocurrency prices.

Growth Concerns about China

Growth concerns about China also played a role in the correction in crypto markets. China is a major player in the cryptocurrency space, with a significant portion of the mining activity happening in the country. Any concerns or regulatory actions by the Chinese government can have a significant impact on the crypto markets. In August, China cracked down on cryptocurrency mining and trading, which raised concerns about the future growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies. These concerns led to increased selling pressure and contributed to the correction in crypto markets.


The correction in crypto markets in August was influenced by multiple factors. The correction in tech stocks, frothy positioning, higher U.S. real yields, and growth concerns about China all played a role in the decline of cryptocurrency prices. It is important for investors to monitor these factors and stay updated with the latest developments in order to make informed decisions in the volatile crypto market.

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