Crypto Exchange Listing and Delisting Announcements: December 11, 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • BitMart Delistings: Popsicle Finance (ICE)
  • Bitrue Listings: Rejuve.AI (RJV), Multibit (MUBI), Jito (JTO)
  • Changelly Listings: IOTA (IOTA), Propy (PRO), Plutus (PLU), ZKSpace (ZKS)
  • CoinEx Listings: RepubliK (RPK), Planet (PLANET), Nosana CI (NOS), Dione Protocol (DIONE), Rejuve.AI (RJV), JPG Store (JPG), Minswap (MIN), Thala (THL), Turtsat (TURT), MMSS (MMSS), Jito (JTO)
  • Listings: Jito (JTO), Marinade (MNDE). Added Trading Pairs: CDCETH/PYUSDC, CDCETH/USDT
  • DigiFinex Listings: Nutcoin (NUT), TurtSat (TURT), Ordinals (SATS), Pomerium Ecosystem Token (PMG), AITECH (AITECH)
  • Listings: Jito (JTO)
  • HitBTC Listings: IPMB (IPMB), ChainGPT (CGPT), Seedify (SFUND)
  • KuCoin Listings: Inspect (INSP), Bounce Finance (AUCTION), Jito (JTO), Sonorus (SNS)
  • LBank Listings: Nia Ground (NIAT), BitStable (BSSB), Beam (BEAMX), Meta Plus Token (MTS), TurtSat (TURT), Polkastarter (POLS), Jito (JTO), Pomerium (PMG), Neo Gas (GAS), Edelcoin (EDLC), GREENGOLD (GREENGOLD)
  • MEXC Listings: Onboard (BOARD), SOLS (SOLS), NFT Combining (NFTC), Turtsat (TURT), Magnavox Odyssey (MOBRC), XDATA (XDATA), Elon Mars (ELONMARS), CheersLand (CHEER), Argon Protocol (AGT), Elon Doge (ELONDOGE), TradeBull Token (TBT), Oggy Inu (OGGYETH), Froge (FROGE), BDPlayground (BDP1), Health Link (HTK), BFIC (BFIC), Galaxy Wallet (GAX1), Thala (THL), FuFu Token (FUFU), Weavers (VRS2), Send Finance (SEND), Work X (WORK), MiddleLend (MIDDLE), Synchroni (SYNC), MIR Token (MIRTOKEN), Strike Finance (STRK), Groooook (GROOOOOK), Inspect (INSP), BEFE (BEFE), Solidex (SDT), DecimalChain (DEL), Creative Codes (AICREA), Strike Finance (STRK), DF Capital DAO (DFC), Pump It Up (PUMPIT), Bondbid (BID), Rats Pro (RATS2), Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), EnerGreen (EGRN), Kingdom of Ants (ANTC), Jito (JTO), Emorya Finance (EMR), Otacon AI (OTACON), Swarm Markets (SMT), Her.AI (HER)
  • ProBit Listings: Gala Music (MUSIC)
  • P2B Crypto Exchange Listings: MineBase Token (MBASE), Pat-Mat Coin (PATMAT), Crypto 4 A Cause Fund (C4C), Xpense (XPE), BabyDoge (BABYDOGE), Palantium (PALA), Emorya Finance (EMR)
  • VinDax Listings: KOHENOOR (KEN), Crypto For Betting (CFB)
  • WazirX Listings: Threshold (T), SuperVerse (SUPER)
  • XT Listings: Prometheum Prodigy (PMPY), Stohn (SOH), TurtSat (TURT), Etica (ETI), 3DPass (P3D), Reaction Chain (RTC), CODA (CODA), Jito (JTO), Gala Music (MUSIC), Stacks (STX), Bitcoin Spark (BTCS), GhostDAG (GDAG), Bitnet (BTN), United Blockchain Dollar Network (UBDN), Pomerium Ecosystem Token (PMG), Solidus AI Tech (AITECH), Meme ETF (MEMEETF), AlienB Token (ALIENB), Karlsen (KLS)

1. Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure
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– Affiliate links may be used, resulting in commission

2. Digital Asset Listings and Delistings by Crypto Exchanges
– Bitfinex delisted Popsicle Finance (ICE)
– BitMart listed several tokens including Sex Token (SEX) and Sundae (SUNDAE)
– Bitrue listed Rejuve.AI (RJV), Multibit (MUBI), and Jito (JTO)
– Changelly listed IOTA (IOTA), Propy (PRO), Plutus (PLU), and ZKSpace (ZKS)
– CoinEx listed multiple tokens such as RepubliK (RPK), Planet (PLANET), and Nosana CI (NOS)
– Various listings and delistings were also reported by, DigiFinex,, HitBTC, HTX, KuCoin, LBank, MEXC, ProBit, P2B Crypto Exchange, VinDax, WazirX, and XT

3. Additional Details on Listings
– The range of tokens and coins listed is extensive, with each exchange adding a variety of digital assets to their trading pairs

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