Craig Wright Loses Libel Claim Against Peter McCormack

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Key Takeaways:

  • High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain treated Dr Wright’s lies and deception as “disreputable facts that are properly before the court.”
  • Lord Justice Mark Warby supported Judge Chamberlain’s decision in a ruling dated July 26.
  • The libel case involved accusations of dishonesty related to BTC and Bitcoin.
  • The dishonest conduct of the litigation was considered relevant in assessing the accusation of dishonesty.

Summary of Ruling by Lord Justice Mark Warby

Background of the Case

In an earlier case, High Court Judge Martin Chamberlain made a decision regarding the conduct of Dr Wright, who was accused of dishonesty in a libel case. This decision was later reviewed by Lord Justice Mark Warby.

Judge Chamberlain’s Decision

Judge Chamberlain had correctly deemed Dr Wright’s lies and deception as “disreputable facts that are properly before the court.” Lord Justice Warby agreed with this assessment in his ruling.

Relevance of Dishonest Conduct

According to Lord Justice Warby, the dishonest conduct of Dr Wright during the litigation process was pertinent in the context of the libel accusation against him. The accusation of dishonesty made against Dr Wright justified the consideration of his behavior during the legal proceedings.

Importance of Judge Chamberlain’s Judgment

The ruling by Judge Chamberlain, which recognized the significance of Dr Wright’s deceitful actions, was upheld by Lord Justice Warby. This emphasized the relevance of the dishonest conduct in relation to the libel case and its impact on the overall judgment.

Overall, Lord Justice Warby’s ruling reaffirmed Judge Chamberlain’s decision and underlined the importance of considering the dishonesty exhibited during litigation when dealing with accusations of dishonest conduct.

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