Blockchain Games Reigned Supreme in 2023 + More Crypto News

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Key Takeaways:

– Banxa to add SUI token to its platform
– Mysten Labs’ Sui Wallet to enable users to purchase SUI tokens
– Banxa off-ramp solution to be fully integrated
– DappRadar blockchain gaming report shows significant strides in adoption
– $2.9 billion invested across 163 deals in Web3 gaming and metaverse projects in 2023
– Blockchain games accounted for 34% of Dapp activities and attracted 1.1 million active users daily
– WAX is the top gaming blockchain, processing 4.7 billion gaming transactions
– Ethereum still at the top with $347 million in in-game NFT trades
– Neo has opened its Hong Kong office at Cyberport, a digital tech and Web3 hub

Banxa Integration with Sui for Fiat On-Ramps and Off-Ramps
Banxa, a payment infrastructure provider, has announced the integration of the SUI token into its platform. This integration will enhance global access to the Sui blockchain through a variety of global and local payment methods offered by Banxa, which has processed over $3 billion in transactions since its launch in 2014. Additionally, this integration will allow users to purchase SUI tokens through Banxa’s on-ramp and subsequently utilize its off-ramp solution. Furthermore, developers building on Sui will be able to leverage Banxa’s features to enhance their decentralized apps and improve user experience.

Blockchain Gaming Report for 2023
A report from DappRadar has highlighted the significant strides made in the adoption of blockchain gaming in 2023. Despite the bear market causing the demise of various Web3 gaming projects, the industry has shown resilience. Major traditional gaming studios like Ubisoft have entered the space, and mainstream platforms such as the Epic Games Store, Google Play Store, and the iOS AppStore have accepted Web3 games. The report indicated substantial investment in Web3 gaming and metaverse projects, despite a decrease from the previous year. Blockchain games have reigned supreme, attracting a large audience and accounting for 34% of Dapp activities, with notable games such as Alien Worlds and Gods Unchained leading the industry.

Neo’s Expansion in APAC with the Opening of a Hong Kong Office
Neo, an open-source, community-driven platform, has officially opened an office in Hong Kong within the Cyberport, a digital tech and Web3 hub. This move aligns with the new regulatory frameworks for digital assets adopted by various countries across Asia. By joining the Cyberport Incubation Programme, Neo aims to leverage financial support and networking opportunities while forging relationships with local enterprises, universities, and talent to foster a distributed Smart Economy network. Da Hongfei, Founder of Neo and CEO of Neo Global Development, emphasized the significance of this expansion in solidifying Hong Kong as a Web3 hub and continuing Neo’s growth across Asia.

Key Takeaway
Banxa’s integration with the Sui blockchain will enhance access for users globally, while the blockchain gaming industry has demonstrated resilience and attracted significant investment in 2023. Additionally, Neo’s expansion into Hong Kong signifies a strategic move to align with new regulatory frameworks for digital assets in Asia and foster relationships within the region.

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