Bitcoin Price Prediction as US Federal Reserve Keeps Interest Rate Unchanged – Will BTC Blast to $30,000?

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The current price of Bitcoin is $27,033 with a trading volume of $13 billion over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin has experienced a slight dip of around 0.50% during this period. The US Federal Reserve is maintaining its interest rates at steady levels, signaling a potential future rate hike and reducing the likelihood of rate cuts. There is market skepticism despite the Fed’s announcement. Bitcoin is on the verge of breaking the $27,500 resistance level, and if successful, it could surge towards $28,200 and potentially reach $29,500 or even $30,000. However, failure to break the resistance may lead to a decline in price.

Insights and Questions:

1. Impact of US Federal Reserve’s decisions:

How will the potential interest rate hike and reduced likelihood of rate cuts affect the cryptocurrency market, especially Bitcoin?

2. Price resistance and potential surge:

What factors determine whether Bitcoin will break the $27,500 resistance and potentially surge towards $28,200 or higher?

3. Market skepticism and Bitcoin’s next move:

Why is there market skepticism despite the Federal Reserve’s announcement, and how might it impact Bitcoin’s price movement in the near future?

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