Bitcoin Price Dips as Fed Chair Powell Says March Rate Cut Unlikely – Where Next for BTC?

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The Bitcoin price has dipped below $43,000 following comments from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell indicating a decreased likelihood of a rate cut in March, as well as reduced market bets for a rate cut in March. Despite this, the macro backdrop remains a strong tailwind for BTC in 2024.


The Bitcoin price has dropped below $43,000 as market bets for a Fed rate cut in March decrease, but the macro backdrop remains favorable for BTC in 2024. Other bullish narratives, such as new Bitcoin ETFs and the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April, also contribute to potential price increases.


Is the market overreacting to the decreased likelihood of a Fed rate cut in March, or is this a sign of a more stable economic outlook?

How much influence do external factors, such as the upcoming Bitcoin halving and potential political and fiscal tailwinds, have on the Bitcoin price compared to market sentiment?

What are the potential implications of a trip higher to the low $50,000s versus a dip lower to the low $30,000s for the Bitcoin price in the coming months, and how can investors leverage this information?

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