Bitcoin Core v26.0 Released, v27 Could Terminate Bitcoin Ordinals

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Bitcoin Core v26.0 and v27 Changes

1. Bitcoin Core v26.0 brings improvements to networking connectivity and blockchain syncing speed for nodes.

2. Planned changes in v27 may prevent the creation of new Bitcoin Ordinals, which have been controversial due to their impact on blockchain congestion.

3. The v26.0 update includes support for a new network data transport protocol, increased resilience against eclipse attacks, and faster node bootstrapping with UTXO snapshots.

4. Bitcoin Ordinals, which are essentially Bitcoin-based NFTs, have caused network congestion and a significant increase in transaction fees.

5. The pending update in Bitcoin Core v27 aims to fix the vulnerability exploited by Ordinals, preventing new ones from being created while existing ones remain on the blockchain.


The latest release of Bitcoin Core, v26.0, offers improvements to network connectivity and syncing speed for nodes. However, the upcoming release, v27, may stop the creation of new Bitcoin Ordinals due to their impact on blockchain congestion and increased transaction fees. The controversial Ordinals have exploited a vulnerability in Bitcoin Core and led to a resurgence in their activity, prompting the need for proactive measures to manage blockchain growth and congestion.


1. How can Bitcoin Core strike a balance between stability and reliability of the network while remaining open to new and potentially controversial ideas?

2. What impact does the congestion caused by Bitcoin Ordinals have on the usability of Bitcoin for payments, trading, and investment?

3. To what extent should the Bitcoin Core project intervene to address issues such as network congestion and excessive transaction fees caused by specific activities like Bitcoin Ordinals?

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