Biggest Crypto Gainers Today on DEXTools – BEAR, CAL, MANE

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Key Takeaways:

– Bitcoin (BTC) is consolidating in the $26,600s
– Traders are digesting recent macro developments, such as the push higher in US yields and the hawkish leaning Fed policy announcement
– Ether (ETH) is trading just under $1,600, down over 2% on the week
– Ether bears are eyeing a potential retest of summer lows below $1,550
– Traders are turning to shitcoin and meme coin markets for volatility
– The Bear ($BEAR) shitcoin has seen an explosive start, up around 300% since its launch and a market cap of over $330,000
– Calcium ($CAL) shitcoin has seen a big pullback from yesterday’s highs, but remains higher by over 340% in the past 24 hours
– MANE ($MANE) shitcoin is pulling back from earlier highs, currently trading around $0.0047
– Crypto presales are an alternative high-risk-high-reward investment strategy to consider
– The article provides a list of 15 recommended crypto presales for potential investment.

Bitcoin (BTC) is consolidating around $26,600, remaining steady throughout the week amid macro developments such as rising US yields and regulatory policies. Ether (ETH) is struggling and trading just below $1,600, down over 2% for the week. Traders are turning to alternative, low-cap coins for volatility. The Bear ($BEAR) has seen a strong start since its launch, up around 300% with a market cap of over $330,000. Calcium ($CAL) has also performed well, despite a recent pullback, with a price increase of over 340% in the past 24 hours. Its market cap is over $900,000. Mane ($MANE) is another low-cap coin that has pulled back from its highs, with a price around $0.0047 and a market cap of approximately $470,000. Presales of crypto projects are considered a high-risk, high-reward investment strategy. The article provides a list of 15 crypto presales deemed as the best for 2023.

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