BankSocial’s Crypto-Friendly Credit Union, Seagrass & Hashgraph Association’s Carbon Credit Web3 Identity Wallet + More News

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Key Takeaways:

– BankSocial plans to create a crypto-friendly credit union
– Seagrass and The Hashgraph Association announce Carbon Credit Web3 Identity Wallet
– Conio works with Coinbase to enable Italian banks and financial institutions to access digital assets
– OrangeX unveils $5M Innovation Fund supporting Bitcoin ecosystem
– KuCoin Labs invests in Bitcoin L2 solution Dovi to advance BTC ecosystem development

1. BankSocial Plans to Create a Crypto-Friendly Credit Union
– BankSocial aims to create a new credit union that allows people to buy and sell digital currencies and maintain fiat currency deposits using distributed ledger technology.
– The proposed Defy Federal Credit Union would offer members access to the BankSocial platform, including a self-custody crypto exchange and deposit account.
– The goal is to create a template for credit unions to easily participate in a Web3 ecosystem.

2. Seagrass and The Hashgraph Association Announce Carbon Credit Web3 Identity Wallet
– The Hashgraph Association and Seagrass are co-funding the development of the Seagrass Wallet, a proof-of-concept Web3 identity wallet that provides users with decentralized digital identity and wallet related to carbon projects.
– The wallet aims to provide transparency on environmental, economical, and project data to buyers and developers and will be available to clients in 2024.

3. Conio Works With Coinbase to Enable Italian Banks and Financial Institutions to Access Digital Assets
– Conio has added Coinbase Prime as a liquidity provider, enabling Italian banks and financial institutions to access digital assets.
– The company aims to solidify its position in the Italian digital asset market and extend its custody technology to EVM blockchains.

4. OrangeX Unveils $5M Innovation Fund Supporting Bitcoin Ecosystem
– OrangeX announced a $5 million Innovation Fund designed to bolster the Bitcoin ecosystem and propel blockchain innovation.
– The fund will invest in promising projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem, with a focus on BRC-20 standard tokens and Bitcoin-based token trading.

5. KuCoin Labs Invests in Bitcoin L2 Solution Dovi to Advance BTC Ecosystem Development
– KuCoin Labs has made a strategic investment in Dovi, a company focused on establishing innovative solutions for Bitcoin Layer 2 to optimize user experience and transaction efficiency within the BTC ecosystem.
– The exchange remains focused on incubation, investing in the BTC ecosystem, and bringing new applications to the industry.

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